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Bruins Game 49 Recap: Unofficial second half begins with official win.

For their first game in over a week, tonight wasn’t a bad effort by the Bruins at all. They beat the best team in the conference on the road and they did it in style. The usual “bad second period” did arrive to haunt them though, so that hasn’t changed much. But they recovered handily and won by a multi-goal margin for what feels like maybe the first time ever. Tuukka Rask was a huge part of it, playing as if he was going to win the game on his own for much of the contest and making a few highlight reel stops. Of course he couldn’t win on his own, goalies never can. But wow, actual Bruins offense, you guys. When the Islanders tied everything up, the Bruins just added more goals and…… won. Wow! I like that.

Tonight was the last regular-season visit the team ever makes to Nassau Coliseum, home to Vince Russo’s ego and, uh………….. some intermittent Islanders success. The place was kind of, old, I guess. So maybe it’s time to see it go. What a shame! I never visited it myself, although I’ve been lucky enough to see MSG once and whatever they called New Jersey’s old building. The Meadowlands? Um……. let’s go with that. Anyway, the next Bruins game is on Saturday night against the defending champion Kings at home in Boston. The Bruins haven’t been back in two weeks. How will this one go? Beats me. Tune in.

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