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Bruins Game 46 Recap: Our natural rivals, the Columbus Blue Jackets.

So the last time the Bruins suffered a regulation loss was against the Jackets. Who knew? They lost tonight the way it seemed like they always lost during the dark parts of this season, by outplaying the opposition but not outscoring them. Not fun. The way that we always assumed they were going to right the ship during those dark parts, maybe we can assume this was just a blip? Seems like the same old problem, they just couldn’t score. How? I don’t know. David Pastrnak added something it seemed like the Bruins never had this year, a guy who can score through sheer force of will. No one played like they had that sort of ability tonight, and they didn’t score. Then Columbus tossed in a few late ones and here we are.

Whatever. Assume it really is a blip because these things happen. Remain calm. Don’t burn all your gear. Don’t pin all your hopes on the Patriots (not saying you shouldn’t keep them up, just don’t be a frontrunner). Just wait. The Bruins go on a two-week road trip now, owing to the All-Star break and general scheduling quirkiness. The first stop is in Dallas on Tuesday night at 8:30. In case you somehow forgot, Dallas is the home of Tyler Seguin, former Bruin and league-leading goal scorer. Try not to shoot your television.

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