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Bruins Game 45 Recap: Winning? I like that.

That was a nice win, wasn’t it? A shutout, at home, against a potential rival for playoff contention with a few frightening offensive weapons on its side. Plus it’s the team’s fifth win in a row. I like when this happens. Tuukka Rask was almost certainly the star of the night, stopping multiple breakaways, looking like he was in total control of his position and being the goalie he always looks like when he’s at his absolute best. It can’t possibly be a coincidence that his numbers look better during the recent streak because the team is playing better in front of him, can it? Um, that’s not to discredit Tuukka, just to say he can’t win games on his own.

Anyway that was cool. Winning streaks are cooler. That was a cool result and I liked it. What other way is there to describe a good win? The Bruins were never really in trouble tonight and after a season of ups and downs (mostly downs) it’s nice that they’ve peaked. For, uh, not the last time? Let’s hope it’s not. The next game is on Saturday against the Blue Jackets, who are currently playing the way the Bruins were a month ago. Will they make it six? Let’s hope so.

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