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Bruins Game 44 Recap: I really like winning.

Overlook a few cheapshots by certain Tampa players and this was an excellent game for the Bruins. They scored a lot, looked good doing it, and won another game against one of the best teams in the east. Better yet, they looked like the Bruins teams of years past who won games by muscling past their opponents and dominating the ice instead of searching for opportunities and taking whatever brief success they could find. Of course you have to credit a lot of that to David Pastrnak, the team’s 1st-round choice in the 2014 draft (there, now you don’t have to look it up) who scored his first two goals of his career on Saturday in Philadelphia and added his next two tonight. They were fancy goals too, the type that the B’s just haven’t scored very many of this year.

Now there is the small matter of Lightning players repeatedly punching random Bruins in the face, apparently it isn’t a penalty when you take a swing at Zdeno Chara or drop your gloves and attack David Krejci. Or did that one go for a two-minute minor or something? I don’t know! NHL refs are funny, something you might find relatable if you watch the NFL or something. Anyway, the Bruins won. There’s that. Will this continue? I dunno. But they finally look like a good team now and not one that can’t find any sort of lasting success. They try it all again on Thursday against the Rangers at home. Will they keep pulling this off? We’ll find out!

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