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Bruins Game 41 Recap: Baby steps.

A road win against one of the best teams in the east is one of those things you might have thought this team wasn’t capable of a few weeks ago. And sure, they did it in overtime. But ultimately, well, they did it. After failing to pull victories out of the two OT games they played in this weekend, the Bruins somehow strung the Penguins along long enough for a winner to sneak past Marc-Andre Fleury and send them home with two points instead of the one we’ve felt so glad to see them get recently.

It wasn’t easy though. There was Evengi Malkin making an utterly godlike shot to end the Bruins chance at a regulation victory seconds into the 3rd period. There was a brief period during the late 1st and early 2nd periods where it looked like the Bruins might have completely forgotten how to play hockey before they started to get back into Pittsburgh’s defensive end and make scoring chances. There was the nagging feeling that three goals was just too much to ask of the Bruins, again. Even Bergeron’s OT winner was under suspicion of being knocked in by a high stick until officials decided it was good enough to count and ended the night. Like I said, baby steps. A win against a great team is a good start.

The Bruins next game is against the Devils at home tomorrow (Thursday) night. The Devils are bad, but so were the Hurricanes and Senators, and, well……… we know where that went. Tune in.

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