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Bruins Game 38 Recap: New Year’s Pun.

Okay so when it’s not one thing it’s another. Unfortunately for the Bruins, the offense was there tonight but the defense wasn’t. They scored plenty, at least for an offense with their recent results, but they couldn’t keep Toronto off of the board and the puck somehow stayed out of Toronto’s net until the game reached a shootout. Not only that but they allowed the Leafs to control the game for a distressing amount of time during the second period and had to make a comeback to make everything even. But they also spent a large portion of the game dominating the play and generally resembling more of a complete hockey team than the injured wreck that wasn’t able to compete for most of the month. Also, we nearly got a goalie fight, which is cool.

So ignore the shootout loss, things are looking better for the team for now. Younger players like Seth Griffith and Torey Krug are starting to step it up big for the team. The Bruins occasionally resemble the physical monster that dominated the opposition during some of the happier seasons. It can get better and we’re only barely at the halfway point of the year. The next game is on Saturday at 1 against Ottawa. Tune in.


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