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Bruins Game 35 Recap: Winning streaks? I remember those.

Maybe it’s a bad sign when the Bruins win and you have to pick apart all the little things that went right to allow them to succeed. Sure, Nashville played their backup goalie tonight in a presumed attempt to rest their starting goaltender and probable all-around best player. Sure the Bruins nearly blew another lead. And sure, it was a home game. Whatever. We aren’t bothered by that because winning just feels so good, you know? The Bruins scored five goals and played terribly for about half of the game and we can be okay with that because in the end they won and scored a lot, two things which the team hasn’t been known for recently.

So now we’re at the Christmas break, as stated in the league’s Collective Bargaining Agreement and hockey players deserve a break too so don’t whine about not getting hockey on Christmas. The Bruins are back at it on Saturday night in Columbus. Things haven’t looked so great for the Jackets this year. The Bruins do have a habit of not crushing their worst opponents though. How will it turn out? Tune in.


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