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Bruins Game 32: Okay, I’ll take that. I guess.

The Sabres are awful and everyone knows it. That recent winning streak? Smoke and mirrors. The expression “smoke and mirrors”? I don’t know where it come from. But tonight at the Garden a team that was playing awful and winning met a team that was playing wonderfully and losing. What happened next might have surprised you if you haven’t watched the Bruins every game for the last two months. They couldn’t score in spite of dominating every other aspect of the game, blew a lead and then fell behind, and managed to creep back on a late goal.

But they won in overtime! So there’s that. Loui “The Return for Tyler Seguin” Eriksson scored the OT winner and gave the Bruins two much-needed points to keep them from risking being passed by the Sabres at any point in the near future. A win’s a win, isn’t it? Matt Bartkowski added a little intrigue when he decapitated Brian Gionta in what was probably an innocent hit but resulted in Gionta doing a backflip and landing on his skull. Word about any sort of punishment will have to wait, but I wouldn’t bet on Matt playing soon.

The next Bruins game is on Tuesday against the Predators, before the annual “we hope you have something interesting over Christmas” break. Tune in, see if the Bruins can play better on home ice.

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