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Bruins Game 31 Recap: It beats regulation losing, right?

The Bruins are slowly regaining their health now. Chara is healthy again, David Krejci is at least skating after his “lower-body injury” (as practical as that definition is, it’ll never stop getting an eye-roll from me), and things are looking up. On the downside, they still have to start winning games. So tonight was their latest attempt, against a Nashville Predators team that is pressing hard to contend in the much tougher western conference in their opponent’s building. And to the team’s credit, they really did play well against a very tough lineup.

It’s arguable that Pekka Rinne won the game for the Predators tonight. The Bruins were very aggressive in Nashville’s end of the ice, had plenty of opportunities to score, and generally looked good against one of the best teams in the league. But just like all of the other “good efforts” they’ve had against other good teams this year, they failed to actually win in the end. They did manage to take the game all the way to a shootout, but Rinne was sharp the entire time and in the end his work prevented the Bruins from scoring the 3rd goal they needed so badly.

Oh well. They got a point at least! Points are all that really matters. Tomorrow night they try to get two instead of one against the Wild in Minnesota. Can they do it? I, uh, hope they can. I really do.

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