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Bruins Game 25 Recap: We didn’t win.

The Bruins sure showed some moxie out there tonight. And if moxie counted for anything, well, we know it doesn’t. The Bruins lost a classic Game They Could Have Won and left Anaheim with zero points. Worse, the officials may have screwed them out of the victory with some well-timed non-calls, but you can’t blame a loss on the terrible, terrible officiating. The Bruins played hard, made a near-comeback and lost on the road against one of the best teams in the league. So let’s not get caught up in who was holding who’s stick or when the whistle blew too soon or anything like that. They lost even though they played better than expected with a hurt lineup.

Maybe blame tonight’s loss on the lack of offense that’s bugged the team lately? Two goals seems to have been the upper limit of what the Bruins have been capable on the offensive side of things lately, and even though the team maintained some very heavy pressure on the Ducks for most of the first half tonight, they never really succeeded in putting the puck into the back of the net. Things like that always seem to lead to losses. Anyway, it’s a fast turnaround after this as they play the defending-champion Kings on Tuesday night (when you’re probably reading this). Be there or be not there. I say be there.

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