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Bruins Game 17 Recap: Yeah? Well Canada is dumb.

I know winning streaks don’t go on forever and every team suffers a dip sooner or later, but….. but…. ouch. The Bruins were outscored 11-2 over a 24-hour period against divisional and original six rivals in what can only be described as a really shitty road trip. Can I really put it any other way? Both games sucked unless you aren’t a Bruins fan in which case I’m sure you thought this was great.

Any bright spots? Well, uh……… Tuukka remained in control of his temper this time around? Nobody got hurt? Matt Bartowski is digging that popcorn? I don’t know. I’m not sure how you recap two consecutive trainwrecks and somewhere deep down I know that’s part of why I didn’t write last night. And don’t get me wrong, these were trainwrecks, full of lackluster efforts and the team looking dumb while the other sides ran circles around them. At least they tried to punch a few random Canadiens which is always nice to see. But maybe there’s still a good chance that this is only a dip in the schedule and everything’ll be fine in the near future?

Well, anything’s possible I guess. The Bruins try it again on Saturday afternoon at 1 against the Hurricanes. Tune in.

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