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Bruins Game 14 Recap: See? I told you everything was fine.

The New And Improved Florida Panthers TM were in town tonight, and you know what that means, right? It means the Florida Panthers got to play in front of actual fans.


But you know, it’s been a long first month or so for the Bruins too folks, so you’d hope that maybe the weaker teams like the Panthers would help the B’s tread water until their captain returns and sets everything right. But like I said the Panthers are new and improved TM with the return of old goaltender Roberto Luongo and the addition of young players from all those draft picks that came from all those bad seasons and they are an actual team this year and not dudes running out the clock for a check or a trip to a better franchise.

So instead of blowing them out the Bruins played a close game with a low-scoring team that leaned on it’s goaltender at times but otherwise played good defensive hockey for most of the night. Scoring chances came and went, things went to overtime and then at the last moment Brad Marchand finally put a puck past Luongo to end things and put the Bruins on top. A good result. Any way you can get a win these days.

The next game is on Thursday against the Oilers. Andrew Ference has been suspended for attempting to decapitate someone so he won’t be there, but the rest of the team will! So watch that.

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