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Bruins Game 1 Recap: hockeyyyyyyyyyyy


We’re back! Jarome Iginla isn’t. Neither is Johnny Boychuck. That’s life in a salary cap league folks. But most of the team is back, and so are all the young Bruins expecting a full-time shot once the cap forced some of last year’s team out. Also back are the Flyers, who we hate because they’re in the same league as us or something.

Maybe you’d expect some early-season jitters, but the Bruins looked like a fairly solid team tonight. Yes they weren’t able to add any insurance goals and blew a late lead, but they managed to hold down the Flyers’ offense throughout the night and Tuukka was there when they needed him to be. They also managed to steal away with a regulation win, which is always nice when it looks like a game is headed to overtime.

Also notable was the debut of 32 year-old rookie Bobby Robins, who has been designated-gooning it in the minors for nine seasons now. He didn’t manage to score or anything like that, but he did get in a fight. Congratulations Bobby, you’re a true Bruin. The next B’s game is tomorrow night at the same time in Detroit, so tune in.

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