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Red Sox post-deadline game recap: ~Storylines~ at Fenway

Okay so Lester was traded over what would amount to money to a franchise that has infinite money, and Lackey was traded over, I dunno, the expectation that he’d never be as useful as a player to the team as he would be as tradebait again. We’ve got that. But the season keeps rolling on and the Red Sox had to play out the last two months of the season because of contracts and tickets already sold and stuff. So tonight they went out and continued playing in spite of the team’s diminished importance this year.

In town were the Yankees, who are trying really hard to convince their own fans that the year isn’t over for them by grabbing every scrap-heap player the team can possibly locate. One of those was ex-Sox pitcher Chris Capuano, who was released earlier in the year, and Stephen Drew, who was traded yesterday and had to jog between dressing rooms. Facing them was Anthony Ranaudo, a guy whose name I had to try hard to learn how to spell in 2010. Ranaudo was, I dunno, not bad. He walked more than he struck out and had an unfortunate habit of putting the leadoff man on base, but he got out of it and lasted six innings for a win. In a major-league debut, I’ll take it. The Red Sox offense actually looked alive tonight, although in the end that only produced four runs. Mookie Betts was back and looked good, Will Middlebrooks was back and looked shockingly like a hitter and not one of us nerds with a bat and a helmet, and Allan Craig was there too I guess.

So the Red Sox won a fun game in what has been a not-fun season thus far. Maybe some of these young players will actually pan out instead of getting sent down again. Time will only tell!

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