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Red Sox Game 420 Recap: If Brock Holt wants to keep playing way over his head, that’s cool with me.

Highest WPA: Go away
Lowest WPA: nerds.

So maybe some of the less optimistic among us around here are looking forward to next year’s campaign. Sure the All-Star break hasn’t even arrived yet and the team has more than two months to catch up with the rest of the pack, but realistically that isn’t happening. So maybe you watch to see the young talent adjust to the majors and think of what will happen when they have an entire winter to prepare for a major league campaign and forget the horrific slumps that some of them are mired in. Or maybe you don’t. You don’t watch. You leave that to the rest of us.

Well, the team should be really good again next year, is what I’m saying. This is what happens when a veteran team wins a title and is slowly phased out in favor of a youth movement the next year. Tonight the Sox, the Red Sox that is, looked to win a game for the second time of this homestand and remove a few heads from Boston-area stoves. Unfortunately, Chris Sale is a pretty good pitcher and for good measure the team has been having a whole lot of difficulty scoring runs this week. So for seven and two-thirds innings everything looked bad for Carmines (the fuck is a “Carmine” anyway?). Then Robin Ventura displayed the thought processes of someone whose brain was tenderized by Nolan Ryan two decades ago and removed Sale when he got in trouble in the eighth. Or maybe he wanted to protect his young ace during what’s pretty much a lost year for the White Sox as well. I just had to get in a reference to that famous beatdown. From then on, oh boy was it ugly if you were a White Sox fan. The team’s bullpen gave the entire lead back and more in the next inning and gave the Red Sox their first win of the series when Brock Holt lined a pitch into right and Daniel Nava beat a wild throw home.

So the Red Sox won in dramatic fashion for once and have added just a little tiny bit of cheer to Fenway Park during what’s been a pretty dreary season. Christian Vasquez made his debut tonight and looked almost exactly like what you’d expect an all-glove no-bat  catcher to look like, throwing a runner out at second base and seeming over matched at the plate. A. J. Pierzynski, well, are any of us going to miss him? Enjoy the NL, AJ.

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