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Red Sox Game 81 Recap: Our ace is pretty awesome.

Highest WPA: Jon Lester, .418 (8 IP, 6 H, 1 R, 0 ER, 6 K, 2 BB)
Lowest WPA: Stephen Drew, -.171 (0-4, 3 K, 3 LOB, E)

In all likelihood, 2014 is a lost season. Coming into last night, the Red Sox were eight games under .500, eight games back in the division, and seven games back in the Wild Card, with eight teams ahead of them in the “chase” for the final spot. It’s gotten to the point where ardent, life-long fans have given up on the season and stopped watching, taking time only to tweet about how terrible the team is.

Jon Lester doesn’t care.

Maybe he’s just pitching for a contract; God knows he isn’t pitching here next year. Or maybe he’s just the kind of guy who sees that his team, with whom he’s won two World Series, is floundering. And coming into a nationally televised game. Against the Yankees. Who are running out *their* ace. And maybe he sees all that and says “Don’t worry, guys; I got this.”

I’d like to believe that. I have no way of knowing it, of course, but I’d like to believe it. I’d like to believe it in part because I like for my favorite baseball players to also be good guys (which is why I’m intentionally looking away every time someone puts a microphone near David Ortiz), and in part because I’d like for the Red Sox to also have seen that over the past six years and still only offered him four years and $70 million.

Yes, I did just say “only” $70 million. Taken in a vacuum, that’s ridiculous. But consider the economics of baseball, where Clayton Kershaw gets seven years and $215 million, or where Homer Bailey gets six years and $105 million. Consider that the Red Sox are owned by a multi-gazillionaire who buys newspapers and soccer teams in his spare time. To offer the best Red Sox pitcher since Pedro less money than they gave John Lackey four winters ago is insulting.

Thanks to Jon Lester (and Mike Napoli with a late homer, and Masahiro Tanaka being an “idiot”), the Red Sox are now seven games under .500. They’re seven games back in the division. They’re six games back in the Wild Card. They have seven teams ahead of them.

So, yeah, 2014 is still probably a lost season. But Jon Lester doesn’t care. He’s pretty awesome.

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