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Red Sox Game Whatever Recap: Hey, we won!

Okay so right now none of us are even sure what game the Red Sox just won. Bookkeeping sucks. But they won it! And doesn’t that count for something? In the 2015 player draft it does. Um. I’m rambling. Clay Buchholz was a fly-ball dispenser in Pawtucket. I should know, I was there to see it. So of course tonight in Seattle he gave up two long bombs in the second inning. Yup, it happens. Luckily David Ortiz suddenly remembered that he’s David Ortiz and decided to beat the Mariners senseless much to the horror of whomever in the audience was expecting an M’s sweep. Oh, but those of you still sticking around know that it’s never that easy with the 2014 Red Sox. Buchholz cruised to the seventh with little more than 70 pitches, thanks to an M’s offense that was far to eager to repeat the success of the early innings. Instead of giving him a well-deserved rest in his first start back from rehab however, John Farrell decided to send him out for the eighth, at which point he promptly surrendered another bomb. Then Farrell continued to allow Clay to pitch until he got the first out, at which point he finally called for the pen.

As for the ninth, well, Koji tried at least. It would be far to early to hit the panic button after one bad week, but he didn’t seem to be able to locate his splitter anywhere to save his life. Not promising. He got the save anyway, and one at least wonders if this whole episode is nothing more than mental. We can at least cross our fingers that it is. Meanwhile the Red Sox have their second win of this road trip and need to sweep in the Bronx just to break even. Yeesh. Good luck fellas.

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