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Red Sox Game 76 recap: Must bat the closer because BRAIN SITUATION!!!

Highest WPA: David Ortiz, .281 (1-5, HR)
Lowest WPA: Koji Uehara, -.240 (2 IP, 2 HR, K)

We teased a comfortable, textbook win, because Jon Lester is really really good at pitching and Tommy Milone is okay-to-bad. But then Koji finally had a really shitty game – his WHIP is up 25% from last year, all the way to 0.71! – and it all looked lost. Instead, the lumbering carcass of David Ortiz finally had a big clutch hit, homering to start the tenth and inject some life into a once-again slumping Boston club.

Uehara stuck around to clean up his own mess and recorded a clean tenth, though he had some help. Jonathan Herrera’s (clean, reasonable, and simply unfortunate) backswing took Derek Norris out of the game – and possibly off the A’s roster for a while, if the amount of time he was on the ground is any indication. The resulting lineup changes cost the A’s their DH, and Koji finished his “win” by getting Oakland closer Sean Doolittle to ground out.

So the Sox leave Oakland as they left, 6.5 off the American League East lead – never mind that they’re farther from the wildcard, farther from third, and closer to last, all with 4 fewer games to make up that ground. As a guy whose best realistic hope this season is the A’s, I’m hoping Norris is okay, but it’s not like I can watch 10 PM games anyway, so I’m stuck rooting for and blogging about this impotent Boston club that just barely dodged a sweep.

God help me.

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