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Red Sox Game 71 recap: Advocating for Brock Holt

Highest WPA: Jon Lester, .282 (6 1/3 IP, 4 H, ER, BB, 6 K)
Lowest WPA: Daniel Nava, -.072 (0-3, K, 2 LOB)

A thought exercise: imagine a baseball player who spent his first five professional seasons as a 2B/SS. Then imagine he’s shoved into the outfield for the first time. Then stick him in center field in the eighth non-infield game of his career. That’s sports comedy, right? Surely he’s going to humiliate himself and…

Oh. OH.

That’s some entertaining ignominy for Jonny Gomes, who also turned a single into a double later in the game with an ill-advised dive and no idea of his whereabouts upon recovering. The whole “hide the terrible defender in the small left field” plan isn’t really so great.

On the other hand, Holt’s improbable heroics in the field were matched by a solid night at the plate, including a double and scoring both Boston runs. Should he be this big a part of the plans of a team with financial means? Of course not. But when low-cost players who have shown flashes of potential before happen to have a super-hot run, you enjoy the damn ride. Quad-A/bench fodder guys having hot seasons are the happy flipside of busted prospects, and until a team over-invests in those guys, there’s no harm done.

On a freak-of-nature third hand, I referenced “both runs” for a team with a top-five payroll playing in a hitters’ park. That’s never a fun thing. But hey, the Lester/Holt tandem was really good, the bullpen did its job, and the rest of the lineup was… present. Sure, we’ve got a gaping hole in the infield because Ben Cherington went all Jenny Dell and over-committed to Will Middlebrooks last offseason; somehow, we found a guy who is as bad defensively and worse at the plate than our last catcher; and of course our 25-year-old starters will see their ERAs crash back to Earth (and then some) at some point. If things are okay on the field, let’s leave the front office’s foibles for offseason rants. Tonight, we got a win, and that’s all we can ask for.

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  1. June 17, 2014 at 10:14 PM

    “If things are okay on the field, let’s leave the front office’s foibles for offseason rants.”

    The Red Sox are 33-38.

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