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Red Sox Game 70 recap: Football scores

Highest WPA: Rubby De La Rosa?!? .461?!?! (7 IP, H, 3K, 3 BB?!?)
Lowest WPA: Mike Napoli, -.086 (0-4, 3 LOB)

I miss when that phrase would refer to “let’s measure our collections of runs in touchdowns and field goals,” not “a bunch of dudes jog around on the grass, the ball moves around, but the scoreboard pretty much never changes.” How sad is it that the Nerds had their attention – all of Goog’s, a non-zero amount of mine – diverted because the Red Sox were the lower-scoring, more boring option than a soccer match involving Ghana?!? It is pretty damn sad.

Also sad, but in a more silver lining-y way: Rubby De La Rosa is still maintaining the illusion he is better than a replacement-level pitcher. It’s sad because this is all going to come crashing down to the tune of a 5.00 ERA and sky-high WHIP, but on the bright side, random quality starts that keep Boston within single digits of the Blue Jays are… nice.

Consequential? Probably not. But even I’m not an enormous enough dick to complain about meaningless hot runs. Would part of me like to give up on baseball entirely and dedicate my after-work hours to video games and Netflix? Absolutely! But I’m far, far too stupid and self-punitive to quit for long. And someday, we might be closer to a wildcard berth than to the last-place Rays. And if that happens, will we still get held to one run by the American League’s worst pitching staff? Maybe!

Do I ask myself questions as a substitute for having interesting things to say? You decide!

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