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Red Sox Game 69 Recap: Not very nice.

Highest WPA: Craig Breslow / Koji Uehara, .140 (Breslow: IP, 2 BB, K; Uehara: IP, K)
Lowest WPA: Junichi Tazawa, -.295 (IP, 2 H, ER, 2 K, HR)

If I believed in karma, I would point out that Terry Francona used his closer, on the road, in a non-save situation, and won the game the very next inning. If I wanted to completely ignore the fact that this team (well, half the guys on this team and a bunch of really good players who aren’t here anymore) won the World Series last year, I’d point out that my biggest annoyance with the 2012-13 offseason was that the Red Sox signed Shane Victorino instead of Nick Swisher. And if I wanted to have a third thing to be angry about, I’d point out that Grady Sizemore made the last out of this game, went 0-4 in total, has a .615 OPS, and is only employed because the Red Sox care more about saving money than winning ballgames.

Instead, I will simply point out that Rubby de la Rosa is pitching *tomorrow*, not *today*, which means that what I said *yesterday* still applies: He sucks, and we’re going to lose.

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