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Red Sox Game 54 recap: The best revenge is living well

Highest WPA: A.J. Pierzynski, .358 (2-5, RBI, 3B)
Lowest WPA: Grady Sizemore, -.167 (0-4, 2 K, 3 LOB)

For a game with so little offense, this one had some fireworks. In what will go down as one of the great sequences of stupid umpiring, David Price’s first-inning drilling of David Ortiz (of whom he was not fond in the ALCS) earned a warning to both teams. So when Price hit Mike Carp later on, again with two out and this time with an open base, it just made sense that the only person would be ejected would be the guy who replaced John Farrell in the first. … Wait, what?

Ultimately, the Red Sox used four managers thanks to a series of ejections (which also took Brandon Workman out of an improbably good start), while the Rays hit three Sox hitters and didn’t get anyone tossed. THE HUMAN ELEMENT OF BASEBALL! Honestly, I don’t even take this one as an irate Boston fan, but as someone annoyed at the vagueness and inconsistency of these sorts of rules.

When the umpires weren’t making the game all about their own actions or inactions, it was all about pitching and, again, Xander Bogaerts – at the plate and in the field. The rookie scored the team’s first run and later drove in Jackie Bradley to tie it up with another double that makes fans look forward to years of the Aruban’s Monster abuse.

It took until the tenth inning before the Rays were finally hoisted by their own petard – though considering the situations and the respective accuracy of Juan Carlos Oviedo versus David Price, it was the only “definitely accidental” hit-by-pitch of the game that did them in. An annoyed but well-behaved Jonny Gomes would come all the way around from first on a warning track fly that landed between the colliding Desmond Jennings and Wil Myers, giving the latter just one more fun Fenway memory of outstanding defensive achievement.

Oh, and Yunel Escobar hurt himself, too. All in all, pretty much an ideal game, assuming Dustin Pedroia only minorly tweaked something.

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