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Red Sox Game 53 recap: I also replace the sanitary cakes in the urinals.

Highest WPA: BROCK HOLT! .341 (3-4, R, RBI, BB, 2B)
Lowest WPA: Grady Sizemore, -.155 (1-4, K, 3 LOB, GIDP)

I’ve expressed my disappointment with Jake Peavy – in the “he’s certainly a solid middle-of-the-rotation guy, but not showing the upside I saw” sense – but tonight, he finally went deep into a game and put his team in a position to win. Of course, he started a new “homer every start” streak and got me worrying about his lack of strikeouts again, but nothing’s perfect.

And the Boston offense… well, that’s barely “a thing,” let alone perfect. “DH and clean-up hitter AJ Pierzynski” and “pinch-hitter Daniel Nava” are alarming concepts, Jackie Bradley is back to looking like a waste of minor-league discipline, and Ryan Lavarnway makes me wish they’d let Holt play first once Stephen Drew joins the club.

On the other hand, Xander Bogaerts. Xander Bogaerts. XANDER BOGAERTS. The WPA gods weren’t crazy about his 1-out double in the early innings, but he also brought the Sox back within one in the 8th, then got a walkoff “infield hit” that honestly probably should’ve been a ground out, but was struck hard enough it was only silly BABIP luck making it playable at third. And while it won’t be relevant at shortstop much longer, his defense looked solid enough that I wouldn’t lose too much sleep if Stephen Drew magically decided he really, really wanted to play third now.

With a few big hits from the left side of the infield, the Red Sox finished the very rare four-game, home-road split series sweep. They’re still in a deep hole, but when you start digging your way back out before June, anything’s possible… though Brandon Workman beating David Price is a pretty tall order.

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