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Not Another Red Sox Loss recap: Sound and fury signifying nothing

Because rewrites take time and I just assumed the bullpen was going to blow a comeback and exciting late lead, WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN…

Highest WPA: Nobody, they’re shitty
Lowest WPA: Clay Buchholz, -.358 (3 IP, 4 H, 4 K, 8 BB, 6 ER)

Baseball brawls are cool. Jonny Gomes going after a trash-talking Yunel Escobar got me interested in yesterday’s game and reminded me of the blind partisan allegiances that make sports fun. The broadcast booth’s homerism in rooting on the Sox only helped, and naturally, beat writers and columnists were able to milk some easy “this could be the turning point for the season!” narratives from the kerfuffle. The Red Sox haven’t won since May 14, so anything to shake up the routine was fun.

But as I knew in the overactive part of my brain that does keep me from enjoying blind partisan allegiances outside of sports… it wasn’t going to change a very bad baseball team’s fates. On paper, an 0-11 stretch has a 0.04% chance of occurring, but hey, once you’re at 0-10, losing the next day is as likely as not! And with Clay “I’m either broken or completely lost mentally” Buchholz on the mound, I’d say it’s likelier than not.

Tomorrow we get Jon Lester up against Aaron Harang. I’d say we have a better than even chance of winning that one. But with an 8 game hole that could be 9 by tonight? Yeah, I doubt a Lester W makes much more difference than getting into a scuffle with the Rays. This is a lost season; let’s remember 2013 and look forward to 2015. Lester’s performance tomorrow will help decide just how much I whine about his need to be part of that 2015.

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