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Red Sox Game 44 recap: Baseball used to be fun, didn’t it? Am I imagining that?

Highest WPA: I dunno.
Lowest WPA: Felix Doubront, -.210 (4 IP, 4 H, 3 BB, 2 K, 2 HR, 5 ER)

Certain people on this blog have been unjustly hard on Felix Doubront. But tonight… yep, he was every bit as bad as Goog has suggested. And it’s been the season, basically. His career 44% ground ball rate and 8.2 K/9 were enough to mitigate the 4 BB/9, but apparently he’s decided throwing strikes is a better idea… even when they are terrible strikes. Down to 38% ground balls, and never in possession of blow-guys-away stuff, Doubront has found the downside of finesse pitching – not that, y’know, that walk rate was ever really “finesse.”

Meanwhile, the offense remains a delightfully unwatchable blend of bad and unlucky – and while Xander Bogaerts was the latter at the plate, his defense tonight was a reminder why he should be shoved over to third base. His bat, if it stays exactly where it is now, won’t be special at the hot corner, but I would hope that the 21-year-old can step it up at the plate with less fielding ineptitude distracting him.

Of course, whether Stephen Drew will be the Stephen Drew of 2013 is uncertain; Scott Boras’ bad advice cost him $4 million in unplayed games, and not facing live pitching for this long could depress his offensive output enough to cost him more next offseason. But… the bar to clear is Will Middlebrooks. Unless you’re Jenny Dell, Drew doesn’t have to do much to look good.

Update: Mid-game recaps don’t let me point out things like, TWO TIMES JOHN FARRELL BUNTED WITH THE TYING RUN AT THE PLATE. TWICE. MORE THAN ONCE. MORE THAN ZERO TIMES. I have mixed feelings about capital punishment, but hang this man.

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