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Red Sox Game 41 recap: I’m not very bright

Highest WPA: Jon Lester, .148 (5 IP, 4 H, ER, 3 BB, 7 K)
Lowest WPA: Grady Sizemore, -.248 (0-4, 2 LOB, GIDP)

Goog is out of town, Robbie’s got hockey or a life or something, and I haven’t watched enough full games lately thanks to silly things like “having a job” and “spending time with my family.” So naturally, with a Friday night and a quiet weekend, I put aside several hours of scripted television and said “no, I’m watching this thing start to finish.”

Even when it rained. I didn’t sit here watching MLB.tv’s rain delay graphic or anything so drastic, but I kept putting alternatives aside and waiting for the Red Sox to resume.

And when they did… well, “it’s been two and a half hours since we started, and I had to sit down for a long chunk of time, and also had a terrible first inning” is one of the most reasonable spaces to fill on the Jon Lester Excuse Bingo Card. And it has to be noted that after that first, Lester looked really good once again. Unfortunately, the 1-0 hole dug before the Red Sox came to bat was enough for Max Scherzer – and surprisingly, the Tigers bullpen.

Thus far, the 2014 Red Sox are a below-average offense, but even against Scherzer – and a few innings of the bullpen – you’d have thought they could scratch out a run. Nope! Will Middlebrooks keeps spitting on every shred of faith I had in him being a solid (if not good or even average) everyday player; Mike Carp looks like the kind of guy the Mariners would release; Grady Sizemore is still washed up; and Jackie Bradley… has been discussed to death (not literally; that might actually result in the team losing a little confidence in him).

Oh, and Daniel Nava’s uninspired AAA performance suggests he’s just hitting the wall hard at age 31.

If only the Sox had a few extra players – say, a shortstop who could push Xander Bogaerts to third and Middlebrooks into a bench role, and a center fielder who could lead off. Maybe then this offense would be of a caliber to complement the strong pitching performances and turn the team into a winner, but… where could one ever imagine Boston finding guys like that?

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