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Red Sox Game 40 Recap: Once upon a time

Highest WPA: Will Middlebrooks, .260 (1-4, 2 RBI)
Lowest WPA: Andrew Miller, -.230 (1 2/3 IP, 2 H, 2 K, ER)

Once upon a time, Clay Buchholz was a nice part-time starter whose question marks were almost entirely about his health. Now? He keeps staying off the DL and making starts, and the Red Sox keep being worse off for it. Not worse than if they turned to, say, Allen Webster or Ryan Dempster, to be clear, but worse than they should be when you’re talking about a guy who was supposed to be a #2 or #3 for three or four months of the season. Instead, Clay still doesn’t miss bats, but he’s not keeping the ball on the ground like he used to, and that’s trouble.

Once upon a time, Jackie Bradley Jr. was a respected prospect – like Buchholz, overrated by those who thought he’d be a star, but scouts and numbers guys alike loved him. He now has 75 MLB games of crappiness to his credit.

Once upon a time, this team would have spirited comebacks late in the game that didn’t end up being all for naught, and could hold its head above .500 for more than a day at a time.

Anyway, I saved the second half of the season finale of Once Upon A Time to watch after work today, so you get a half-assed recap saying what we all know, because awesome TV is better than disappointing baseball. I’m sure Goog will approve of this lazy blog hijacking.

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