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Bruins / Habs Game 7 Recap: I got tired of success too.


I dunno.

Bad calls, yeah. There were a lot of bad calls that went against the Bruins, especially in the 1st period when Brad Marchand got a phantom “unsportsmanlike conduct” penalty for spraying Carey Price while Bruins getting tripped in the crease went unnoticed. Sure the puck bounced all over the ice and the Bruins hit more posts and missed tons of opportunities. Sure the Bruins had an unusually bad 1st period at home in a game 7.  Sure Chara kicked the last goal into his own net. Sure sure sure. Whatever.

Season’s over, now for a long summer of wondering what the Hell the team is going to do next after winning the President’s trophy and stalling in the second round. Will Jarome Iginla be back? What surprise trade will Peter Chiarelli make to improve the team in ways nobody expected? What else is possible? The Bruins have a competant front office so it’s probable that we’ll be posting about more playoff disappointment next year around this time. Can’t wait! See you in October, if I don’t see you in random baseball articles.

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