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Bruins / Habs Game 6 Recap: Hockey is dumb.

Hockey can be a cruel mistress. I for one propose that all Bruins games from now on be decided on merit instead of what the scoreboard says because the Bruins were totally ahead on effort for most of this game, they just hit a ton of crossbars and didn’t score and well when you get down to it you don’t win games based on hit crossbars and I don’t want the Bruins to lose so here we are. The rest isn’t worth writing about from a Bruins perspective, just know that the Bruins suffered a bunch of bad bounces and took what amounts to an inopportune road loss in the playoffs. In the meantime Habs fans were obnoxious and covered the ice in garbage because they hadn’t had a chance to run outside and burn any police cars yet. PK Subban was there too. Do you hate PK Subban yet? Please keep your language clean on Twitter if you do.

Game 7 is on Wednesday night at 7. The Bruins have won games 2 and 5 at home after losing game 1 there however the fuck long it was ago. I dunno. I guess home ice has been a net gain for the Bruins so far in this series, so maybe they have the advantage heading home? Maybe this bad of a loss will focus them and return the momentum they carried out of game 5 that left everyone convinced they were going to win the series? Hell, don’t ask me. I thought they were going to end it tonight too. Watch it or they might lose.

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