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Bruins / Habs Game 5 Recap: lol fu montreal

So see what happens when you score first, Bruins? In game 4 you scored first (in overtime yeah) and won, and tonight you scored first, second, and third and you won. Scoring first is great and you should do it a lot! Carl Soderberg was all over this one, scoring once and assisting on two goals. Milan Lucic feuded with PK Subban throughout most of the evening, and Shawn Thornton added to the fun by accidentally-on-purpose squirting Subban with his water bottle from the Bruins’ bench. Tomas Plekanec ran over Tuukka Rask too but it’s okay because Tuukka punched him in the head. Oh what fun this game was.

Scoring first is cool and the Bruins should do it.

Yeah so after this it’s one more trip back to Montreal on Monday night, where the Bruins will attempt to finish things off while the Habs attempt to stave off elimination in front of a crowd that has a habit of quickly going silent when things even remotely seem like they could go bad. Boston’s play has steadily improved through this series, much as it did against Detroit in the first round. There’s a good chance that Monday could be the end of this series, so tune in! Everyone should tune in.

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