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Bruins / Habs Game 3 Recap: Um, hmmm.

So maybe it’s too early to panic. The Bruins looked awfully mortal tonight, giving up not one but two breakaway goals, including one to confirmed asshole PK Subban and failing to capitalize on one of those vaunted third period comebacks, although they came awfully close to one anyway. Maybe all of those horrible defensive lapses were just what happens when things inevitably go wrong during a long season? Maybe Tuukka Rask isn’t superman and he can’t stop every single uncontested shot? Yeah, who knows? The Bell Centre sure went silent after that first Bruins goal at least. If there’s one thing that matches Montreal’s hubris, it’s their neuroticism.

Defensive hockey has gotten the Bruins this far at least. A team like the B’s is good at cleaning up their mistakes and making the best out of their next effort, so it shouldn’t be asking too much to expect them to play better next time out. Tonight was ugly, but there still were good signs like the comeback. So don’t give up after one loss. Or, um, two. There’s still a lot more hockey in this series. The next game is on Thursday night, so tune in. Or else the Bruins might lose and then we’d have to blame you. I want to blame you. Oh how I want to blame you.

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