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Red Sox Game 32 recap: Every. Damn. Time.

Highest WPA: Grady Sizemore, .251 (2-2, RBI, 2B)
Lowest WPA: Jackie Bradley Jr., -.621 (0-4 – one out for each “A” in the level where he is qualified to hit? – 6 LOB, 2 GIDP)

We’re like, 0-162 or something this year when it comes to chances to get to .500. That is fucking painful.

But as much as Goog hates Will Middlebrooks – and I got on him for not having the instinct to discern the ground ball that would result in a 3-5 out on the bases – you have to put this one solely on Bradley. Other bats have come around, and while Stephen Drew could force Middlebrooks into Jonathan Herrera’s role, it’s really just that gaping offensive hole in center field that is killing this team. (Well, that and stupid luck, like Badenhop getting a soft grounder that was struck with lousy enough contact that Yoenis Cespedes beat it out.)

Wait, let me clarify: that’s killing us on days where we’ve had really good pitching… and our next shot to get back to a game under .500 will be started by Felix Doubront. That has to at least even out the optimism of “well, at least the rest of the division is still stuck trading wins with each other,” I’m afraid.

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