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Red Sox Game 31 recap: If no one’s watching, it still counts!

Highest WPA: Jonny Gomes, .204 (1-4, HR, 4 RBI)
Lowest WPA: Chris Capuano, -.068 (0 outs, 3 H, 3 R, 2 ER)

Let’s pretend I have the energy as well as the political inclinations for this rant: it’s a damn shame that baseball’s broadcast TV presence is basically dead. Fox has even moved a lot of their Saturday action to their cable sports startup, which means fans who aren’t willing to shell out hundreds of dollars a season to see their team might see baseball a few times a month. And those of us who are willing to pay, but are in the process of moving, also get left behind. But sure, keep your losing-national-attention sport behind a pay wall, that’s not going to alienate potential fans!

Did I say I wasn’t going to rant? Anyhoo, no one here saw this game; apparently even Robbie was busy with hockey, which isn’t something I can even watch in its playoffs because I don’t pay enough for my cable package.

On the other hand, cable sports deals mean teams get big money. Big money they can put into big contracts for guys like, say, Homer Bailey, owner of a 66 ERA+ this season (after inking a 6-year, $105 million deal). Or perhaps Jon Lester, who improved his 140 ERA+ (after being offered a 4-year, $70 million deal) throwing a hell of a game against a hell of an Oakland offense. Note that I said teams “can” do it, not that they always do. Is Lester an ace? My gut still screams no. But “great #2/okay #1” money is still pretty damn impressive thanks to those fan-screwing cable deals.

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