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Bruins / Habs Game 2 Recap: Keep The Fire Alive

Wow, so that was a comeback. A lot of leads have disappeared in the playoffs this year, as NBC’s commentary would just love to remind you.Four unanswered goals, plus an inspiring moment when Thornton reappeared on the bench in the period after his knee collided with PK Subban’s back and sent him to the Bruins locker room all added up to the Bruins’ first victory of the series after what appeared to be a bad second loss after Thursday’s overtime heartbreaker.

Montreal was tough in this one, again. Carey Price looked almost invincible through two and a half periods, and with all of the difficulty the Bruins had in getting the puck by him it was starting to look like a really short and painful series. The Bruins had a lot of opportunities before the third period, with plenty in the way of power-play chances and scoring opportunities, but Price always appeared to be there. Then, like it always happens, the opposition fell apart. Maybe a lucky bounce or two went Boston’s way, but the scoring opportunities had been there all afternoon and they finally started to go into the net when there were less then ten minutes left. Why do things like this happen? Because the Bruins are the best at wearing other teams down? Who knows? It’s a tie series now, and we couldn’t be happier.

The next game is on Tuesday (not Monday) in Montreal. Be there. Or don’t.

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