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Bruins / Habs Game 1 Recap: Thanks for jinxing it Goog.

Okay so there aren’t many reasons to hate PK Subban beyond some alleged dirty tactics and the fact that he plays for one of the most unlikable franchises in hockey. Tonight though it was hard not to despise the man as he stood behind the circle and literally posed after scoring his second power-play goal of the night to give Montreal the first win of the series. I mean the goals were bad enough but the pose was sort of a dick move. Get bent PK.  But anyway, there weren’t any problems with Boston’s play tonight other than all those shots that didn’t go in during OT and that last clean face-off loss that cost them the first game. They were tough, got plenty of scoring chances, and took advantage of all the hard work they did wearing the opposition down by scoring all three of their goals in the third period to send the game to overtime. But sometimes even that isn’t enough to win and tonight they certainly did not even though it felt like they could have.

If you’ll recall, the Bruins lost a nail-biter in the first game of the last series, and we all know how that turned out (the Bruins won, people who just stated watching hockey). So given the way they played tonight there’s no real reason to panic yet. Montreal is guaranteed to be a much more obnoxious opponent than Detroit was, so prepare for a hard-bitten series loaded with “OLE OLE” chants. The next game is on Saturday at 12:30, so make sure to wake up for that one.


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