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Red Sox Game 29 Recap: Why are you reading this? The Bruins are in overtime!

Highest WPA: Shane Victorino, .394 (2-4, 2 2B, RBI)
Lowest WPA: Koji Uehara, -.295 (IP, 2 H, ER, HR)

Remember all those walks that didn’t turn into runs in the first game of the doubleheader? Well, they turned into runs in this one! Unfortunately, Felix Doubront remembered that he was Felix Doubront, and that was combined with Will Middlebrooks being the worst at everything and Junichi Tazawa having a bad night. So despite the offense putting up five runs, the game turned into a race to see who could put up a sixth.

Despite the fact that Xander Bogaerts led off the bottom of the eighth with a double, the Sox couldn’t get the job done. First AJ Pierzynski bunted him over, a move that I would usually hate but don’t because it’s AJ Pierzynski. Then Will Middlebrooks struck out–did I mention that he is the worst at everything? Will Middlebrooks is the worst. At everything.–and then eventually Dustin Pedroia couldn’t get him in. That sucks.

What sucks more is that Koji Uehara’s kryptonite appears to be seemingly nonthreatening members of the Tampa Bay Rays. First it was Jose Lobaton in the ALDS last year, and now it’s Yunel Escobar. I’m sure he had some lovely, productive, not at all offensive things to say about Uehara and his sexuality after hitting the homer, too. Those Rays, they just go out and sign the classiest players. And then there was *another* squander in the bottom of the ninth, you know, because those are always fun.

This day started with the Rays complaining about having to play a doubleheader, and it ends with me taking cheap potshots at them targeting human garbage. Wonderful. So seriously, why are you reading this? The Bruins are in overtime! Right now! Against the CANADIENS! Go watch that!

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