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Red Sox Game 26 Recap: Turn the page

Highest WPA: Xander Bogaerts, .168 (2-3, 2B)
Lowest WPA: David Ross, -.181 (0-3, 3 LOB)

This is really starting to feel like the opposite of 2013. Early on, the whole celebration/hangover/resting-on-laurels rationale worked, and it just seemed like a matter of needing to get locked in to 2014. Instead, the Sox are increasing distance from their championship but unable to get past their early struggles. Indeed, it seems like every time there’s a potential turning point… things revert to a disappointing normal. Take a road series from the White Sox coming off an extra-innings win? They dropped their homecoming game to Baltimore. Win that O’s series on a walkoff? Get battered by the Yankees in two straight. Take Michael Pineda out early thanks to pine tar and win a game that should fire up the team? Get your ass handed to you the next night.

I get that baseball is a game of ups and downs, but the Red Sox just can’t seem to get the “up” lasting for any real time. They narrowly hung on yesterday to match a season-high two wins in a row, and R.A. Dickey has been pretty terrible this year, so hey, maybe today was the day to really get things going! Sweep on the road! Get to .500! Gain some confidence with the Rays coming in this week!


I’m as big a Lester critic as Goog is a Lester booster, but today goes on the offense. Lester was, in fact, pretty good until the 7th inning, but John Farrell just stuck with his ace too long. But the bats… there’s really no excuse here. Perhaps this is the Tim Wakefield chicken coming home to roost, as many Red Sox teams benefited from the fact that even so-so knuckleballers can look dominant when they’re on. Even so, you look at what this Boston lineup has done in 2014 and it’s hard not to see the 1-run showing and thing, “oh boy, this shit again.”

If there’s good news, the Sox will avoid David Price in their first series against Tampa Bay, and instead get a crack at old friend Erik Bedard on Tuesday night. Later in the week, they can hope a pitch-taking approach wears down sometime-reliever Cesar Ramos, slated to start Thursday. But if the offense can’t jump on those guys, or Boston’s own pitching struggles some more… it may be time to rewatch the 2013 World Series and be happy that John Henry can afford another mansion thanks to his team’s holes.

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