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Bruins / Wings Game 4 Recap: lol why are you watching the red sox?

Well the worst thing that could’ve happened to the Bruins tonight would’ve been a loss to send the series back to New England tied. But instead they won and looked like a damn fine team doing it. Now instead of needing home ice advantage to help them guarantee that they would be able to end the series without a game 7, they’ve got a chance to finish off a battered Red Wings team at home on Saturday. It wasn’t like it was easy of course. The Wings did get out to a fast start though, maybe relying on an “emotional lift” from the return of team captain Henrik Zetterberg, who’d been out since February. Or maybe they were just excited to be playing in front of fans again after the stands emptied out halfway through game 3.

Well whatever happened, the Bruins had to make a comeback, and they actually did it. Michigan Native ™ Torey Krug scored halfway through the 2nd period to get the Bruins on the board, and second-least-popular person in Detroit after Brad Marchand Milan Lucic scored just over a minute into the third to tie it. The result seemed almost like a foregone conclusion as the game went into overtime, but we still had to wait until a Dougie Hamilton shot bounced off of a million people including Jarome Iginla and went into the Detroit net to empty the stands again and send everything back to the Garden.

Now Saturday’s game has a good-to-great chance of being the contest that sends Boston to the second round. Tune in! (It’s at 3)

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