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Bruins / Red Wings Game 2 Recap: Dah-ha-ha-ha-ha

Yeah so that was more like it. Dominant Bruins hockey through three periods and an ending that was never really in doubt. Boston looked more like the best-in-the league team that had stormed through the regular season and the Wings looked more like an injured team that had somehow stumbled into the playoffs yet again in a bad conference only to meet the most dangerous possible opponent. Maybe the most telling image of the entire game was Brendan Smith challenging Zdeno Chara to a fight only for Chara to literally laugh in his face. Maybe it was Jimmy Howard making a terrible pass that Justin Florek immediately intercepted and flipped into the net for the first goal of the night. Who knows?

If the rest of the series goes like this then the Bruins can pretty much be counted on to take it home. Detroit didn’t look bad this afternoon as much as they did, say, overmatched. This was the way the Bruins played all season and it’s great to see them playing this way in the playoffs. With the intensity of the NHL postseason, a team as physical as Boston has a lot of advantages and the way that they used them this afternoon was quite heartening. The next Bruins game is on Tuesday in Detroit, so tune in and make sure that they win.

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