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Red Sox Game 19 Recap: I masturbate to that movie!

Highest WPA: Dustin Pedroia, .272 (2-5)
Lowest WPA: Jake Peavy, -.217 (5.2 IP, 10 H, 5 ER, 5 K, 4 BB, HR)

Sportspun: Ubaldo Jimenez was a pretty bad Major League pitcher for two seasons before 2013, then for the first half of 2013. After being really good for the second half, he got right back to being really bad – worse than ever, actually – in his first three starts with the Orioles, walking 10 and striking out 13 while allowing 4 home runs.

And that’s why the first half of tonight’s game was immensely frustrating. In a game – yet another one – where the team had a chance to make some sort of statement, to have a performance that said, “it’s okay guys, bumpy start but we’re righting the ship,” the Red Sox just couldn’t get to Jimenez for much. And that’s an awfully familiar lament this season, with a lineup with notable flaws also suffering from an underperforming core.

But after Jonny Gomes’ home run cut the deficit to two runs and Jimenez was done… well, that’s a much happier familiar tune. And if you think “grind the starter down, then feast on middle relievers” is a nice callback to 2013, how’s “dropped double play” strike you? Ryan Flaherty is no Pete Kozma, and the play should have held up as an out, but as far as I’m concerned, we’re owed at least one more bad reviewed play (or, in this case, unreviewed bad call) before I say we’re even for the year.

Goog: And that’s where Sportspun went to bed, because he’s a responsible, productive human who has to work in the morning and values his sleep more than watching two teams flail at each other while John Kruk talks about it. I, on the other hand, have no such priority allocation, and so I got to watch two managers manage at each other for a while. First it was John Farrell, pulling Junichi Tazawa after just one pitch to let Andrew Miller face a bunch of righties, then botching the removal of Miller and having Edward Mujica face a lefty with the go-ahead run on third.

Not to be outdone, Buck Showalter fell back on an old classic: He refused to use his CLOSER–put into that role because he’s supposed to be the best reliever the Orioles have–into the “they score, we lose” situation. The result: A near-laser show that took like an hour longer to sort out than it needed to, a wild pitch, and in the end, a walkoff. But hey, at least they’ll have the CLOSER available tomorrow, in case there’s the chance of a SAVE!

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