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Red Sox Game 14 Recap: Damn! That shit is WACK!

Highest WPA: Jake Peavy, .209 (6 IP, 3 H, ER, 8 K, 4 BB, HR)
Lowest WPA: Chris Capuano, -.440 (0 IP, BB, gave up the walkoff E6)

Mike Napoli aside, the Red Sox’ offense is very bad right now. David Ortiz and Xander Bogaerts are slumping, Dustin Pedroia is hurt, and quite frankly nobody else is very good. The career years of 2013 aren’t repeating themselves, whether it’s Daniel Nava (who homered tonight to bring his OPS up to .539), or Mike Carp, or any of a dozen other guys. On top of that, Jonathan Herrera and Ryan Roberts combined to go 1-6. Too bad there wasn’t another option. Meanwhile, Jackie Bradley and Grady Sizemore combined to go 0-6 with a walk. Too bad there wasn’t another option there, either.

And hey, remember how I said “Mike Napoli aside?” Yeah, he dislocated his finger. It was gross. Don’t click that.

You would think that, with Koji Uehara sidelined, John Farrell would eschew the typical “gotta save the CLOSER” strategy and just run out his best relievers. You would be wrong, though. Not having Koji available just meant that Edward Mujica was the man who got to sit around and watch while pitchers less talented than he were sent into “they score, we lose” situations. All this because only the CLOSER (or, in this case, the setup guy thrust into the role of CLOSER because of an injury to the actual CLOSER) could get the all-important SAVE, which, of course, never came. They scored, and we lost.

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