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Red Sox Game 10 Recap: H.M.S. Pineda

Highest WPA: Xander Bogaerts, .092 (2-4)
Lowest WPA: Clay Buchholz, -.145 (6 IP, 7 H, 4 R, 2 ER, 6 K, 0 BB, HR)

It took two years, but it seems like the Yankees have finally gotten what they expected when they traded Jesus Montero. It remains to be seen if Michael Pineda’s shoulder can hold up over the course of a full season, but even if he explodes tomorrow I think he might have been more to the Yankees than Montero has been in Seattle.

Speaking of pitchers who have never and likely will never make 30 starts in a season, Clay Buchholz pitched well but was hurt by some terrible defense behind him. I tried to tell Sportspun that Jonathan Herrera wasn’t worth his hatred in the way, say, AJ Pierzynski is, but seeing him play every day is making me reconsider that. Herrera doesn’t have a superior player at his position on the bench all the time, though. He, Pierzynski and Jackie Bradley combined to go 0-7 with a walk in this one; while that’s not at all surprising, it bears mentioning that, when the top of the order has an off night, running out an execrable bottom three leads to a lot of nights like this one.

Jon Lester goes against CC Sabathia tomorrow. Small sample and all that, but only one of those two has looked in any way decent this season. Let’s hope that continues.

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