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Red Sox Game 9 Recap: I am a golden goddess!

Highest WPA: David Ortiz, .363 (2-4, HR, R, 3 RBI)
Lowest WPA: Andrew Miller, -.191 (IP, H, ER)

Well, I’m not. David Ortiz is. And he’s actually a god, not a goddess. And the whole thing’s a–look, just go with it, okay?

Have I mentioned recently that we traded Jose Iglesias for Jake Peavy? Yes, we offloaded the worst hitting non-pitcher in Red Sox history, and in return we got a darn good #3 starter who pretty much shut down the Rangers’ offense today. He wasn’t perfect, though, and today was one of those days where it seemed like the offense just wasn’t going to do anything more than the bare minimum to help him.

Those kinds of days seem to happen a lot, particularly when you start Daniel Nava against a lefty or run out a guy you signed off the street two days ago wearing Stephen Drew’s number while Stephen Drew is right there. But today is not a day for (much) complaining, because just when it looked like a really nice Peavy start would be wasted, Big Papi happened. And then Koji happened, dispatching the Rangers in the ninth in less than the time it took to write the first half of this recap. The man works fast.

You may have heard, but the Yankees are coming into town next. The focus will be on Jacoby Ellsbury, but I’ll be pining just as much for Brian McCann. While we trot out AJ Pierzynski and wait for Christian Vazquez to inevitably turn into Ryan Lavarnway, the Yankees actually spent money and got a good catcher. Fancy that.

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