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Red Sox Game 4 Recap: Wham! Bam! What the fuck just happened?

Highest WPA: Grady Sizemore, .267 (1-1, 2 BB, SB)
Lowest WPA: Edward Mujica, -.463 (.2 IP, 4 H, 4 ER)

First of all, while the Jake Wyler Peavy running gag is awesome enough to keep going, there aren’t enough quotes to go around, so we get to repeat.

Secondly, I hope this isn’t an omen of things to come. With Junichi Tazawa and Koji Uehara having pitched two days in a row, and Brandon Workman having gone yesterday and frankly not being all that good himself, it fell to Burke Badenhop and Edward Mujica to hold down the fort through the late innings of a tied game. Badenhop did his job well, getting through two uneventful innings. Mujica…well, he didn’t do much to assuage the fears that there was a reason he went from Cardinals’ closer to Cardinals’ mascot last September.

I get that pitchers go through slumps, and that one bad month shouldn’t be enough to doom the career of a 30-year-old reliever with a career K/BB rate over 5. And if I’m overreacting by saying that Mujica is now a less palatable option than turning to whatever starter is on his throw day or asking Xander Bogaerts if he can pitch in addition to walking on water…well, I’ll owe Sportspun a Femto or something. Back when he was getting me into the whole samermetric thing, I made up a joke stat called Suck Factor (to give proper frame of reference, I think I first used it in reference to Rudy Seanez). Edward Mujica’s Suck Factor is through the roof right now.

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