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Bruins Game 77 Recap: Whatever, man.

Is it frustrating to see the Bruins playing like this after that ungodly stretch where they didn’t lose for anyone, ever? God, yes. Are the Leafs a bad team backed up by some of the most neurotic and entitled dicks outside of, I dunno, Boston? Yeah. Does it really indicate future performance?

No, dummy! The Bruins lost in overtime tonight, but they still picked up a single point and they’re still probably going to finish first in the conference if they haven’t already (I could check, but the URL tab is waaaaay over theeeeere) if not the entire league, so why should anyone panic as the team goes into “coast into the playoffs so as to rest important players” mode? Sure there were some embarrassing mistakes (Dougie Hamilton, I’m looking at you), but there was also a heartening push back by the team and some ugly play by the Leafs which suggests that all still may not be well in Toronto.

The next game is at home against another team that may be hungrier than the B’s, the playoff-desperate Philadelphia Flyers at 1 on Saturday afternoon. Will the Bruins keep Philly out of the playoffs? Well, it’s only one game so who knows?

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