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Red Sox Game 3 Recap: Yawn

Highest WPA: Koji Uehara, .207 (IP, K)
Lowest WPA: Mike Napoli, -.187 (0-5, GIDP, 2 K, 5 LOB)

Oh boy, this season’s gonna be rough. I’m tired after a 9-inning, 3-hour game; a Yankees series will kill me. Or my ability to follow the team, at least. Baseball is not a sport for low-energy people forced by society to be diurnal.

We got a bit of everything tonight, though – young guys coming through, including Jackie Bradley looking like a competent Major League caliber hitter and Xander Bogaerts continuing what we’ve already seen; boring veteran Chris Capuano throwing an uneventful frame in his debut; and old favorites like Koji and Papi getting it done.

Oh, and we got Felix Doubront throwing a nice 5 1/3 IP, 4 K, 1-walk outing in 76 pitches. If he can keep that sort of efficiency fully stretched out later in the season and go deep into some games, I’m sure even Goog won’t be able to — nah, he’ll still hate Felix. But it might take some of the vitriol out, right? …right?

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