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Red Sox Game 1 recap: JBJ vs. MLE

I forgot how awesome it is when you've got a bunch of games going at once and not from Australia

Highest WPA: Mike Napoli, .123 (1-2, 2B, 2 BB, K)
Lowest WPA: Daniel Nava, -.224 (0-5, 2 LOB)

Jackie Bradley Jr. is a nice prospect whose minor league numbers say he’s got a good eye, yet has consistently looked completely overmatched against big leaguers. As a result of a pinch-running decision today (sure, THAT we use the bench for, but AJ Pierzynski hits for himself late), he ended up batting with the game on the line… and looked completely overmatched. It doesn’t have much predictive value in 62 plate appearances, it just is what it is: frustrating as hell. And it’s extra frustrating simply for its defiance of expectations (both statistical Major League Equivalencies and scouts’ fondness for his “tools”) on top of hurting the Sox, so it’s little wonder he’s becoming the target of so much of my ire.

On the other hand, Grady Sizemore was a nice upside-y pickup on the cheap, and he homered. Remember when the idea was that Jacoby Ellsbury would turn into Sizemore? This isn’t what anyone meant, but it’d be fun if the 31-year-old stayed healthy and play his way into the Dreamboat-sized hole in Boston’s heart. Much like Bradley staying useless, however, I’d probably avoid betting on that.

Losing is a lot less fun than winning, but it’s still better than the offseason; the perfect, as they say, shouldn’t be the enemy of the good. I look forward to finding out how much Goog gets to lament the non-signing of Ubaldo Jimenez when the Sox face Baltimore’s big addition on Wednesday.

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