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Bruins Game 72 Recap: Yeah? Well winning streaks are stupid.

Well, the sad thing about winning streaks is that they have to end at some point. Right? The Bruins hadn’t lost in more than two weeks, and since the heat death of the universe wasn’t going to get here first, they had to end the streak with a shootout loss to Montreal at home instead. It was an exciting game though. With all the lucky breaks that have to go into a streak of this sort, it kind of stands to reason that Montreal’s only goal before the shootout came on a deflection off of Chris Kelly’s stick in the first period.

The Bruins played hard though. Oh boy did they play hard. In front of a crowd as loud as this one it’s always fun to watch a team give their all. The Bruins just didn’t seem to have any luck on their side, taking penalties in every period blowing through five power-play chances of their own until a wacky bounce went past Peter Budaj and tied everything up. Nothing was settled in overtime, taking the game to a shootout. Aggravatingly enough, the Bruins weren’t able to score in four chances, giving Alex Galchenyuk the chance to end it all with Montreal’s fourth shot and finish the season series between the two teams.

The B’s don’t even have another ten games left in the season, so there’s no way that they can bargain their way back to another streak like this one this year. Get the denial out of the way and save the anger for the playoffs where the team will really need it. Never accept these results uhhhhh this metaphor is dying really hard. The next game is on Thursday against the Blackhawks, which is a big rivalry game in case you haven’t heard. Tune in! Watch hockey.

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