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Bruins Game 66 Recap: First in the east, first in our hearts.

The Phoenix Coyotes are pressing hard for a playoff spot while the calender ticks down to next April. They recently followed the Bruins through Florida and also swept both teams on their way up to Boston. The Bruins on the other hand are basically only competing to guarantee home ice in a potential series with the Penguins. The B’s were playing their second two-games-in-two-nights series in the last six days, yet Tuukka Rask was starting in net for the Bruins anyway. He needed to be on top of things too, because even though the Bruins played remarkably solid hockey for a team that had been asked to travel home from Canada for their second game in a day they still seemed to show some fatigue as the game went on. A Shane Doan breakaway looked like the sort of lapse that’s been happening to the B’s far too much lately, but Rask saved the day and managed to make it look remarkably routine at the same time. While Boston held the Coyotes to ten shots over the first two periods, Phoenix more than doubled that in the third as they began to turn on the pressure and scored their only goal of the night to make things interesting.

The late effort from the Coyotes wasn’t enough, and even though the Bruins looked like they were slipping farther and farther towards blowing their slim lead they never managed to tie the game and at least take a point away. Tuukka really was the main reason for this Bruins win. While Boston’s defense held strong in the first two periods, he still had to make several incredibly important saves throughout the night and make up the difference between the two teams. The decision to allow him to start the second game seemed like an odd one, but in the end it paid off big time. The next Bruins game is against the Hurricanes on Saturday afternoon. Carolina is gradually falling out of the playoff hunt, even though they aren’t quite done yet. Tune in. Where are you going? I SAID TUNE IN.

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