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Bruins Game 63 Recap: Don’t forget about daylight savings, dudes.

Tonight shorthanded goals, bad calls, and some bad luck haunted the Bruins for three periods. The B’s missed out on a third period goal on a “dead in the head” call where the referee had decided to blow the whistle but…. hadn’t. So the goal was disallowed. Figure that one out. The Lightning were in top form all night and actually never trailed in the game. The Bruins on the other hand failed to get a shot on goal through the first fifteen minutes of the game, at least managing to keep Tampa off of the board during that timespan. The Bruins had to score in the third period to avoid their first loss against the Bolts this season, which is probably better than they could’ve expected given the way the game had gone to that point. The disallowed goal probably cost the Bruins a regulation victory and handed Tampa an extra point, but at least it didn’t end the game.

Then came the shootout. The two teams were entirely unable to score against each other through six rounds. Tukka Rask looked incredibly sharp throughout, only needing the help of a goalpost in the seventh and deciding round. The returning Steven Stamkos made an appearance in the second but failed out out-dance Rask.  Ryan Callahan was a Ranger when the Bruins were in New York last weekend, but this weekend he failed to score in the fourth round as a member of the Lightning. Things finally went Boston’s way when Reilly Smith finally put a shot past Ben Bishop and mercifully ended it. This marked the first victory of the season where the Bruins were down by two or more goals, surprising considering their position at the top of the conference.

Next up is a game against the Panthers tomorrow night at five, which Jack Edwards seems to think is against league rules or something. Tune in, if you’re awake.

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